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Girard, KS: Appeal to Reason. First printings. People's Pocket Series No. 143: Pope Leo's Encyclical--149: Socialist Ginger-Box--150: Socialist Pepper-Box--152: Phillips; Foundations of the Labor Movement--153: Sinclair: Socialism & How It Is Coming----157: Marx vs Tolstoi--159: Schleuter: Abraham Lincoln & the Working Class--162: Schleuter: Karl Marx & the Civil War--167: Plutarch's Rules of Health--169: Shall Church Property Be Taxed?--170: De Leon: Socialization of Money--172: Key: Evolution of Love--174: Trail of Wm. Penn & Wm. Mead--175: Froude: Science of History--179: Constitution of the League of Nations--182: Steps Toward Socialism--183: Darrow: Realism In Art & literature--185: Disraeli: History of Printing--188: Darrow: How Voltaire Fooled Priest & King--191: Balmforth: Evolution vs Religion--193: Solution of the Trust Problem--194: De Leon: Socialism vs Catholicism--195: Hoe to Keep Well--197: Whimsicalities, Witticicisms & Reflections--199: Wentworth: Studies in Socialism--201: Tichenor: Satan & the Saints--213: Ingersoll: Lecture on Lincoln--217: Soviet Marriage Laws--218: Jaures: Four Socialist Essays--220: Blatchford: Essays on the New Testament--223: Quiller-Couch: Essay on Swinburne--225: Lowell: Condescension in Foreigners--226: Schnitzler: Professor Bernhardi--227: Thomas: Keats--228: Huxley: Aphorisms--229: Ellis: Diderot--234: Debate on Socialism / 37 Booklets / Printed covers, good to very good condition. (90442). Item #16251

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