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Gtrard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Publications. First printings. Key to Culture No. 9: McCabe, J. Man's Mystery of Life--No 15: Beginnig of Man's Story of Himself--Haldeman-Julius: Questions & Answers: 7th Series--Freethinker's Library. McCabe, Joseph. No 1: Introduction--3: Upton Sinclair Finds God--5: Critical Review of the Latest Claims That Are Supposed to Give Validity to the Idea of God--Barnes, H. E. Freeing the Human Mind: Forces that Made for the Undermining of Orthodoxy--Finley, M. L. Christ & the Colonel: Wisdom of Jesus & the Wisdom of Ingersoll Compared--Ingersoll, R. G. Enemies of Individuality & Mental Freedom--McCabe, J. Eighty Years a Rebel: Autobiography--McCabe: Rome Irreconcilable With Democracy--McGee, J. E. History of the British Secular Movement--Russell, Bertrand: Faith of a Rationalist--Russell: Value of Free Thought--Russell: Ideas That Have Helped Mankind--Lockley/Houston: Road-Map to Literature--Fulks, C. Wisdom of Emerson: Selections / 17 Booklets / Printed covers, good to very good condition. (93990). Item #16249

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