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Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Publications. First printings. B-7: Haldeman-Julius: Studies in Rationalism--B-22: Lockley/Houston: Road-Map to Literature--B-42: Haldeman-Julius: Sane & Sensible Views of Life--B-43: Halderman-Julius: Clippings from an Editor's Scrapbook--Darrow, Clarence: Eye for an Eye--Goethe: Faust: Part 1--Faust: Part 2--STORY OF THE HUMAN RACE: Henry Thomas. B-495: Bk I: Childhood of the Human Race--B-497: Bk III: Savagery of the Middle Ages--B-498: Bk IV: Awakening of Humanity--B-480: Bk V: Beginning of Real Civilization--DIGEST 9: Gorham, C. T. Religion as a Bar to Progress--Digest 14: Tolliver, A. S. Strange Story of Lafacadio Hearn--Digest 16: Thomson, James: Seasons--Digest 30: Homer's Iliad: Selections--WISDOM OF LIFE SERIES. W-1: Wisdom of Emerson: Selections--W-2: Wisdom of Henry George--W-9: Wisdom of India--"HOW-TO" SERIES: 7, 8, 9: Bertrand Russell: How to Become a Philosopher; How to Become a Logician; How to Become a Mathematician--REVIEWER'S LIBRARY: Haldeman-Julius, Marcet. Three Generations of Changing Morals--Eastman, Rex Jumbo Joke Book--Liberty Book of Quotations / 22 Booklets / Printed covers, good to very good condition. (87046). Item #16248

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