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Gerard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Publications. First printings. B-18: Darrow, C. Resist Not Evil--B-478: Harding, T. S. Social & Economic Lies of Our Civilization--B-526: Crawford, N. A. Man of Learning: Arthur Patrick Redfield--B-542: Russell, B. On the Value of Scepticism--B-544: Russell. Can Men Be Rational?--Russell: Stoicism & Mental Health--B-539: McCabe, J. Menace of Mysticisms--B-549: Russell, B. What is the Soul?--Ingersoll, R. G. Shakespeare--Ingersoll. Which Way to a Free World?--Ingersoll. Some Reasons Why I Am a Freethinker--B-554: Ingersoll. Death-Blows at Orthodoxy--B-555: ingersoll. Crime of Superstition--B-564: Sinclair, U. Profits of Religion--B-567: Yarros, V. S. Adventures in the Realm of Ideas--B-570: Gorham, C. T. Life-Story of Robert G. Ingersoll--B-581: Bax, E. B. Story of the French Revolution--N-583: Veritas. Why Suckers Always Lose--B-574: Ingersoll, R. G. Foundations of Faith--B-592: Cauldwell, D. O. What Women Should Know About the Menopause--B-553: Field/Ingersoll Discussion: Faith or Agnosticism?--B-594: Cauldwell, D. O. Prostate Gland Diseases & Their Treatment--Rascoe, B. Life's Greatest Pleasure--B-618: Swancara, F. Bad By-Products of Religion--B-621: Strachstein, A. Your Ailing Prostate Gland & What to Do--B-634: Carrington, H. Psychology of Genius--B-636: McCabe, J. M. Eight Years a Rebel--B-638: Russell, B. Faith of a Rationalist--B-639: Wisdom of Thomas Buckle--B-640: Strachstein, A. Stone in the Urinary System--Wisdom of Clarence Darrow--B-666: Sinclair, U. Giant's Strength--B-692: Wisdom of Edgar Allan Poe--B-700: McCabe, J. Dumbness of the Great--B-706: Sinclair, U. American Outpost--B-707: McCabe, J. Encyclopedia of Essential Knowledge: Vol 1--B-718: Sinclair, U. Our Lady--B-723: Finley, M. L. Christ & the Colonel--B-725: McCabe, J. Encyclopedia of Essential Knowledge: Vol 2--B-733: McGee, J. E. History of the British Secular Movement--B-734: McCabe, J. Encyclopedia of Essential Knowledge: Vol 3--B-740: McCabe. Encyclopedia of Essential Knowledge: Vol 4--V-755: Wisdom of Karl Marx--B-764: Gould, F. J. Life Story of Auguste Comte--B-765: Lucian's True History--B-766: Robertson, J. M. Life-Story of Ernest Renan--B-783: Wood, B. T. Life-Story of John Ruskin--B-768: McCabe, J. History of Satanism--B-803: Ingersoll, R. G. My Reviewers Reviewed--B-805: Ingersoll. Enemies of Individuality & Mental Freedom--B-806: Ingersoll. Fragments & Random Thoughts--B-807: Ingersoll. Arguments in Support of Suicide--B-809: Ingersoll. Debates With the Clergy--B-810: Ingersoll. What Can You Believe in the Bible?--B-813: Sixty-Five Press Interviews With Robert G. Ingersoll / 55 Booklets / Printed wraps, good to very good condition. (92428). Item #16246

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