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Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Publications. First printings. Barnes, H. E. Origins of Modern Civilization--Barnes, Freeing the Human Mind--Barnes, Hope of Democracy--Clarence Darrow's Plea In Defense of Loeb & Leopold--Darrow, C. Farmington--Descartes: Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason--Efries, J. Outline of Marxism--Erasmus: In Praise of Folly--Henderson, F. Case for Socialism-- Ingersoll, Robert: Some Mistakes of Moses--Ingersoll: What Great Infidels Have Done 43733to Advance Civilization--Ingersoll. Essays by an Agnostic & Criticisms of a Skeptic--Ingersoll: Truth / Ghosts--Ingersoll: Truth About the Holy Bible--Hugo: Voice of Genius Down the Ages--Jannotta: Morality Without God--Mason, J. Great & Mind-Liberating Thoughts--Mill, J. S. On Liberty--Reiser, O. L. Scientific Humanism--Russell, B. How to Read & Undrstand History--Russell: Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind--Russell. Value of Free Thought--Stephen, L. Defense of Philosophical Skepticism--Vollkommer, T. J. Energy: Creator of Thought--Wheless, J. Church That Was Founded On Lies & Forgeries--Whiteside, D. M. Hints on the Origins of Beliefs & Behavior / 27 Booklets / Printed wraps, good to very good condition. (43733). Item #16245

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