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Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Publications. First printings. KEY TO CULTURE / Joseph McCabe: No. 1: Foundations of the Universe-2: How the Universe Is Constructed-3: Globe on Which We Live-4: How Life Sprang From Matter-5: How Life Developed From the Simple To the Complex-6: Marvelous Kingdom of Plant Life-7: Marvelous Kingdom of Animal Life-8: How the Bodies of Animals Are Constructed-9: Man's Mastery of Life-10: Story of the Evolution of Man-11: Life Among the Many Peoples of the Earth-15: Beginning of Man's Story of Himself-17: Splendors of Greece & Rome-19: True Picture of Europe in the Middle Age-28: Important Facts About the Great Writers of Antiquity-29: Important Facts About the Great Writers of the Middle Ages-30: Important Facts About the Great Modern Writers-31: Writers of Today & Their Message to the World-35: Art of Thinking & Reasoning Logically-38: Story of Human Education / QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / E. Haldeman-Julius / Third Series-Fourth Series-Fifth Series-Sixth Series-Eighth Series-Ninth Series-Tenth Series-11th Series-12th Series-13th Series-14th Series-15th Series-16th Series-17th Series-18th Series-19th Series-20th Series-21 Series-22nd Series-23rd Series-24th Series-25th Series-26th Series-27th Series / 128 pp each. / Henry Thomas: Weavers of Words: Story of the World's Great Writers. Volume I & II / 46 Booklets / Printed covers, overall very good condition. (84941). Item #16244

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