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Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Company. First printings. No. 1783: McCabe: Lies & Bunk About Racial Superiority-1784: McCabe: Asia & Its Problems-1785: McCabe: Japan & America-1786: McCabe: Russia In the Light of the War-1787-McCabe: Socialism & Capitalism-1788: McCabe: Evolution or Revolution-1789: McCabe: Can We Change Human Nature?-1790: McCabe: Sham Fighting About Matter & Spirit-1794: McCabe: Theaters & the Cinema-1795: McCabe: Pessimism In Modern Literature-1796: McCabe: Modern Fancy Religions-1797: McCabe: Futility Of All Mysticism-1798: McCabe: Fundamentalists & Superior Believers-1799: McCabe: Is Our Age Degenerate?-1802: McCabe: Man & the Woman-1804: McCabe: Bunk About Marriage-1805: McCabe: Should the World Federate?-1807: McCabe: Is America Religious?-1808: McCabe: Death Control & Birth Control-1809: McCabe: Bunk About Free Will & Strong Will-1818: Burma: How To Understand Social Problems-1819: Burma: How To Understand Criminology & Penology-1822: Gregory: How We Solve Our Problems Scientifically-1823: Burma: How To Understand the Problems of Adolescence-1828: McCabe: Bunk About Marriage-1890: Scientific Oddities / 40 Booklets / Printed wraps, good to very good condition. (79442). Item #16242

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