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Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Company. First printings. No. 1441: Do You Know How Ignorant You Are?-1444: Secret of Making Words Work for You-1445: Wild Women of Broadway-1450: McCabe: Do We Live Forever?-1471: How to Become Mentally Superior-1478: Poor Posture Corrected-1482: Dramatic Career of U. S. Grant-1483: Barnes: Trial by Jury-1484: Why Preachers Go Wrong-1485: Religion of a Free Man-1486: McCabe: Are Atheists Dogmatic?-1487: McCabe: Manual of Debunking-1488: Age-Old Follies of Man-1489: What Is Christianity?-1491: Power of Women-1503: How to Use Effective English In Speech & Writing-1504: How to Overcome Self-Consciousness-1512: Is This Century the Most Admirable In History?-1530: Why I Believe In God-1536: McCabe: Facing Death Fearlessly-1544: Why I Do Not Believe in Capital Punishment-1550: McCabe: How People Lived in the Middle Ages-1554: Beneficial Exercises for Heart Disturbances-1555: Rules for Success In Business-1558: A Peep at 19th Century Americans-1559: McCabe: Can We Change Human Nature?-1561: McCabe: Horrible French Revolution-1566: How to Conduct a Love Affair-1569: Boccaccio: Lover & Chronicler of Love-1598: Is "Knowledge" of God a Delusion?-1604: Venereal Disease Problem-1606: Clarence Darrow: "Evangelist" of Sane Thinking-1617: Evil of Error-1621: How Man Will Live In the Future-1712: Great Dates in History-1715: Funeral Services Without Theology-1716: Superstition of "Sin"-1719: Dean Inge's Apology For Christianity-1731: McCabe/Haldeman-Julius: Atheism In Russia-1733: McCabe/Haldeman-Julius: Blood of Martyrs-1738: How to Win Prize Contests-1743: What You Should Know About Sleep-1753: Why Many Women Are Sexually Unattractive-How to Read Finger Prints-1757: Sayings of a Sourdough-1759: Abraham Lincoln Lawyer-1761: America's Little Hitlers-1762: McCabe: What Is Wrong With the World-1763: McCabe: How an Ape Became a Man-1764: McCabe: Evolution of Animal Life / 50 Booklets / Printed Wraps, good to very good condition. (43773). Item #16241

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