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Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Company. First printings. No. 1123: Hughes: Facts About Puritan Morals-1127: McCabe: Christianity & Slavery-1130: McCabe: Dark Ages-1132: McCabe: New Light on Witchcraft-1134: McCabe: Horrors of the Inquisition-1136: McCabe: Medieval Art & the Church-1137: McCabe: Moorish Civilization in Spain-1138: Cunningham: What Atheism Means to Me-1139: Snodgrass: Photography Self Taught-1140: McCabe: Renaissance-1141: McCabe: Reformation & Protestant Reaction-1142: McCabe: Truth About Galileo-1144: McCabe: Jesuits-1145: McCabe: Religion & the French Revolution-1146: Book of College Humor-1150: McCabe: Churches & Modern Progress-1156: Extraordinary Mystery Stories-1162: Mystery Tales of Ghosts & Villains-1174: How to Write Business Letters-1177: Ellis: Woman & the New Race-1182: How to Make Your Own Cosmetics-1188: Sex & the Garden of Eden Myth-1189: Goddard: Pin Money-1203: McCabe: Seven Infidel U.S. Presidents-1204: Dictionary of Musical Terms-1205: McCabe: Thomas Paine's Revolt Against tje Bible-1207: French Self Taught-1209: Charming Hostess-1210: Book of Mathematical Oddities-1211: McCabe: Conflict Between Science & Religion-1213: Oppenheim: Romance That Balzac Lived-1224: McCabe: Religion in Great Poets-1229: McCabe: Triumph of Materialism-1234: How Business Is Carried On in Soviet Russia-1235: Workers' Life in Soviet Russia-1236: Peasant Life in Soviet Russia-1237: McCabe: Beliefs of Scientists-1239: Party Games for Grown-Ups-1242: Care of the Skin & hair-1243: McCabe: Failure of Christian Missions-1248: McCabe: Lies of Religious Literature-1251: What Do You Know-1259: Dictionary of Geographical Names-1262: Price/McCabe: Is Evolution True-1264: Powys: Art of Forgetting the Unpleasant-1270: Bair: Visits Among the Mormons-1275: Truth About the "Deluge"-1277: Hindu Magic Self Taught-1286: Do Human Beings Have Free Will-1289: Facts You Should Know About American Literature / 50 Booklets / Printed wraps, good to very good condition. (81424). Item #16239

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