Little Blue Books

Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Company. First printings. No. 987: Wood: Art of Kissing-988: Wood: Art of Courtship-990: Oppenheim: Wagner's Great Love Affair-992: Howe: Sinner Sermons-993: Howe: Preaching from the Audience-1003: Markun: How to Think Logically-1004: How to Save Money-1007: McCabe: Revolt Against Religion-1008: McCabe: Origin of Religion-1010: Handbook for Amateur Magicians-1012: Best Negro Jokes-1016: Book of Nonsense Poems-1018: Book of Humorous Limericks-1020: Burbank: Why I Am an Infidel-1022: London: Odyssey of the North-1023: Book of Popular Recitations-1024: London: Tales of the White Silence-1036: Masterpieces of German Humor-1049: How to Teach Yourself to Sing-1051: Cause & nature of Genius-1052: Nature of Our Instincts & Emotions-1059: McCabe: Myth of Immortality-1060: McCabe: Futility of Belieg in God-1061: McCabe: Human Origin of Morals-1066: McCabe: Forgery of the Old Testament-1071: Wood: Psycho-Analysis of Jesus-1072: Wood: Truth About William Jennings Bryan-1074: Handbook of Commercial Law-1077: McCabe: Religion & Morals in Ancient Egypt-1078: McCabe: Life & morals in Greece & Rome-1979: McCabe: Phallic Elements in Religion1080: Bierce: Tales of Haunted Houses-1081: Bierce: Fantastic Debunking Fables-1084: McCabe: Did Jesus Ever Live-1095: McCabe: Sources of Christian Morality-1096: How to Dress on a Small Salary-1097: Markun: Memory-1098: Bierce: Extraordinary Opinions on Commonplace Subjects-1099: Bierce: Cynic Looks at Life-1102: McCabe: Pagan Christs-1104: McCabe: Myth of the Resurrection-1106: Wood: Bohemian Life in N.Y's Greenwich Village-1107: McCabe: Legends of Saints & Martyrs-1109: Spanish Self Taught-1110: McCabe: How Christianity "Triumphed"-1114: Thrilling Moments & Profound Passages from Victor Hugo- 1115: Leacock: Book of Ridiculous Stories-1119: Leacock: Follies in Fiction-1121: McCabe: Evolution of Christian Doctrine-1122: McCabe: Degradation of Woman / 50 Booklets / Printed wraps, good to very good condition. (75205). Item #16238

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