Little Blue Books

Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Company. First printings. No. 689: Fielding: Woman's Sexual Life-691: Fielding: Child's Sexual Life-697: 4,000 Words Often Mispronounced-698: Hecht: Tales of Chicago Streets-699: Hecht: Broken Necks & Other Stories-705: 100 Professions for Women-717: Wood: Modern Sexual Morality-728: Randolph: Life Among the Bees-739: Tales in Verse of Terror & Wonder-740: Poems of William Cullem Bryant-741: Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier-758: Aristophanes: Frogs-760: Aeschylus: Agamemnon-761: Food & Diet-770: Vestal: Adventures of Kit Carson-772: Durant: Philosophy of Herbert Spenser-785: Ballads of Sir Walter Scott-789: Digest of U. S. Marriage & Divorce Laws-797: Bender: 20 Years Among African Negroes-798: Bender: Religious & Ethical Beliefs of African Negroes-804: Booker: Freud on Sleep & Sexual Dreams-805: Beekeeping for Profit-813: Durant: Contemporary American Philosophers-815: Book of Familiar Quotations-818: Life Among the Dragonflies-821: How to Improve Your Vocabulary-824: Torquemada & the Spanish Inquisition-827: Life Among the Apes & Monkeys-828: France: Wisdom of the Ages-829: Darrow: Voltaire-832: Life & Poems of Catullus-837: Greek Physics & Modern Science-840: Nordau: Conventional Lies of Our Civilization-849: Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes-851: Sources of Bible Myths & Legends-864: Confidential Chats With Husbands-871: Love Letters of Abelard & Heloise-890: Epigrams of Nietzsche-895: Astronomy for Beginners-904: Sex Symbolism-907: Sexual Obsessions of Saints & Mystics-911: Starr/Darrow: Is the Human Race Getting Anywhere-916: Maupassant: Night in Whitechapel-926: Wells: Obliterated Man-928: Keith: Religion of a Darwinist-934: Darrow: Realism in Literature & Art-943: Poe: Masterpieces of Mystery-948: Famous Russian Stories-950: Fielding: Determination of Sex-953: Zola: Jean Gourdon's Four Days-960: Masterpieces of American Wit-965: Symons: Life Philosophies of Literary Masters-969: Machen: Tales of the Strange & Supernatural-970: Machen: Out of the Earth-973: Whistler: Ten O'Clock Lecture-976: Wood: Casanova & the Women He Loved / 56 Booklets / Printed wraps, good to very good condition. (76726). Item #16236

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