"An Eastern Candle of Vision"

Signed original autograph manuscript of "An Eastern Candle of Vision." 1920. (2 pages quarto, closely written). Good condition. (89316). Item #15313

"Dear Mr. Huntly Carter, I live in Ireland and have no perusal of the psychic revival you refer to as existing in your own country... Personal intimacy with movement is necessary before one can criticize or make suggestions with regard to them... The spirit of man while it is in the body, manifesting through the poets, artists, musicians and mystics, seems to me to have access to a deeper life than entities out of the body speaking through. Platitudes, whether uttered by the living or the dead, are equally uninteresting to me, and I have not yet, in the literature of Spiritualism, come upon thoughts which were worth remembering, or if there were wise things said, they had already been said better in literature deriving its inspiration from other sources... Like the utterances of a drunken man, they may be of interest to psychologists and those who study the workings of the subconscious mind, but spiritual wisdom must, I believe, be attained otherwise, and the way has been pointed out by many mystics.

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